The property at 2573-2581 North Lincoln Avenue has filed an application for a zoning map amendment to change the underlying zoning of the parcel from B3-3 (Neighborhood Shopping District) to C2-3 (Motor Vehicle-Related Commercial District). A change in the underlying zoning would allow the applicant to subsequently apply for a Special Use Permit (which is reviewed by the Zoning Board of Appeals) in order to establish a cannabis business, specifically a new cannabis dispensary use within the existing one-story vacant commercial building.

Our office cohosted a community meeting regarding this proposal on November 1, 2022, with the Wrightwood Neighbors Association. Both Wrightwood Neighbors and our office have solicited public feedback for over two months and engaged in a robust community process with the applicant and neighbors. The applicant's initial proposal shared at the November 1st meeting is here.

At the upcoming January 17 Committee on Zoning meeting, the applicant will share their proposal, and the Committee will determine the validity of the zoning change. After meetings with neighbors, and developers, the Wrightwood Neighbors Association and my office have decided to take a neutral stance on the proposal. This is due to our shared commitment to allowing neighbors to continue to have their voices heard throughout this process. I am committed to continuing my community-driven and oriented approach to development as your alderman. 

Over the past few years, The Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce has committed to nearby landscape and infrastructure improvements under the adjacent "L tracks, and the applicant has expressed a desire to partner in these area improvements. My office has also committed funds towards this neighborhood benefit spearheaded by the local Chamber.

If you wish to share your opinion directly with the Committee on Zoning, written public comment on the proposal will be accepted via email to and at  until

10:00 AM on January 13, 2023. Those who wish to provide in-person testimony, you may do so at City Council Chambers, City Hall (121 N LaSalle Street) at 10:00 am on January 17, 2023.

If the zoning change is approved by the Committee on Zoning, the applicant will then have to undergo a separate community process before the Zoning Board of Appeals. This is to acquire a Special Use permit that is necessary to operate a cannabis dispensary. This can take anywhere from 90-180 days. This would also require a subsequent community meeting before the Zoning Board of Appeals would review the permit application. We will keep you updated in the newsletter on any developments in this process.

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